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Let yourself be found by thousands of users looking for exclusive locations, enchanting landscapes, houses in ancient villages or farms.

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Why rent your accommodation on Wantrek?

Your home is special. It is also for our users. Travelers of Wantrek are looking for unique houses such as castles, farmhouses or even houses and rooms in small villages. Enter Wantrek and start earning.

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Choose the price, availability, rules for your home and how to interact with your guests. With Wantrek, you have complete control. You can set up check-in times and manage the entire process as you wish.

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Wantrek offers online tools, advice on hospitality and ongoing assistance. It also periodically organizes online and offline training activities to improve your service.

How to become a Wantrek owner


Create your listing

Creating an ad on Wantrek is easy and free. Describe your home, indicate how many guests can welcome and add photos and details. We will follow you step by step.


Welcome your guests

Get to know your guests before they arrive by sending them messages on our platform. Most hosts clean the spaces available to guests and provide them with basic necessities such as sheets, towels and toilet paper.


Receive payment

With Wantrek's secure payment system you will never have to manage money direct. Guests pay before their arrival, while you will receive the amount automatically after check-in, minus 10% service charge.

Become a Wantrek partner

Let yourself be found by thousands of users looking for exclusive locations, enchanting landscapes, houses in ancient villages or farms.

Start now! It's free.

Here you will find the answers to your questions

Becoming a Wantrek owner is easy and creating an ad is always free. What we require from our owners is to have a truly exceptional accommodation. Houses or apartments in the villages, cottages, castles or huts in the woods this is the kind of listings we prefer. For more details on what we expect from the owners, take a look at Wantrek's community standards, which focus on security and reliability, and hospitality standards, which help owners get great reviews from guests.
We ask anyone who uses Wantrek for some information before traveling with us. If not provided entirely, they can not send reservation requests. This information helps us make sure you know who you will host and how to contact him. Wantrek requirements for guests include: Full name; Email address; Confirmed phone number; Presentation message; Acceptance of your House Rules;Payment information; Guests are also asked for a profile photo, but it is not mandatory. You can also request that guests provide proof of identity before booking your space.
Registering with Wantrek and posting your ad is completely free. When you receive a reservation, we charge the hosts with the Wantrek service costs, usually 10%, to help us cover the costs of the activity.
Wantrek generally authorizes your compensation about 24 hours after the estimated time of check-in of your guest. The time required for the sum to appear on your account depends on the payment preference you have chosen. If your guest stays for at least 28 days, normally Wantrek will authorize the payment for the first month roughly 24 hours after your guest's scheduled check-in time. The additional fees for the following months will be authorized monthly. If you are a new host, we may withhold your fees for 30 days after confirming your reservation. If your booking is scheduled for more than 30 days, your fee will be authorized 24 hours after your guest's scheduled check-in time. This will be repeated for any fee scheduled for authorization during these 30 days.
It's up to you to set the price for your ad. To help you decide, you can search for similar ads in your city or neighborhood to get an idea of market prices. Additional costs   Cleaning fee: you can incorporate cleaning fees into your daily price or add cleaning fees in your price settings.
The fee you will receive corresponds to your daily price net of the service cost, generally 10%. Guests pay no service fee to Wantrek in addition to the cost of your ad, so the total price they see is what you enter. Here are some factors that influence your compensation: Your weekly or monthly discount may have been applied to your reservation Weekend or custom prices may have been applied to the booking Where applicable, value added tax (VAT) may have been added to the Wantrek service costs